Why you need Livetour?

Why you need Livetour?

  • Livetour Team
  • Posted on: 20 Jun 2016

Business is something that is not easy to maintain and control in order to maintain a business various aspects and fields need to be considered and fulfilled in order to make the business run smoothly. The operation of a business requires various fields and parameters to be fulfilled in a proper and orderly manner. Doing all the necessary jobs in a proper manner is next to impossible for a single human being. All these jobs are even more difficult to maintain when the business is of tour management. This is where the entrepreneurs need to apply Livetour in their business in order to simplify and automate the business.

The business of tour management is not an easy task. It is necessary to manage different tour managers and agents, deal with customers and different other jobs. It is very difficult to manage all the work at the same time. So it is highly necessary to develop applications that help to manage the different jobs efficiently and effectively. The main focus of Livetour is to provide security and at the same time increase the productivity. The different facilities such as login alerts help the admin or some arbitrarily assigned by providing user login alerts via emails or SMS. The service will also provide facilities such as terminating access of any unauthorized access.


Key features of live tour

Livetour keeps record of every activity that is being carried out. It can be considered as the brain of the company. The database manages the activity record of the company. This includes the activity of the users or customers as well as the activities of the staffs or tour agents. The CRM service helps to clarify the doubts of the customers and at the same time store the query of the customers. This helps to improve the performance of the company by reviewing the requirements of the customers. The CRM facility is just the tip of the iceberg. Other facilities that are provided consist of managing the accounts and reports, managing the resources, maintain an impressive and catchy email template.
The tour business requires quite a lot of effort to maintain the transportation services. Livetour will help to maintain and control the different transportation services starting from houseboats to different other means of transport. The application is capable of recording the activities of the agents which include the financial activity as well. Impressive fact about the application is that it has the capability to manage and regulate the transport system. The effective recording system helps to keep track of the customer activity that helps to provide suggestions to the customers for future uses.


The most impressive features that the application houses is the ability to manage the accounts. With the computerized management of the accounts, there is very little margin for error. The accounts for office and resources are managed by technology. The system is able to generate sales report, salary statements for the employees and target meters. All these features are quite essential for maintaining a good and successful business.


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