Follow Up Customers With Livetour

Follow Up Customers With Livetour

  • Livetour Team
  • Posted on: 15 Feb 2020

Tour operators need a strong application to maintain their database as well as create itineraries in a matter of moments. Pioneers of Livetour claim to have developed just what the operators are looking for. An application to ease the burden of bookings and reservations. Livetour is a holistic approach to the problem faced by traditional travel agents. This travel management and automation application come as a blessing for tour companies across the country. Organizing the travel business has become faster and smarter using Livetour. From managing travel itineraries including arrivals and departures, hotel reservation and other information regarding travel, Livetour is a customized tour organizer.

Let’s take a quick look into some of the features that make Livetour an industry first. Any client will require to follow up process for a successful tour. There are many options available to record the progress of the enquiry. The follow-up section comes with this ability to take the enquiry forward according to the comfort of the client. The following are the options available for the follow up of any enquiry.

Drafted Itineraries

Once an enquiry is processed with mailing the itinerary created according to the demands of the client, the enquiry is listed under drafted itinerary available under the follow-ups section. This section comes with the following actions, Update enquiry, close enquiry, view edited versions and feedback.

Follow Up Sections

The follow-up date is recorded under the guest info section in the itinerary builder. According to the date set, there are three sections where it will be listed. They are today’s follow up, upcoming follow-up and outdated follow up. It is included to ease the burden of travel executives to differentiate between spam enquiries and genuine enquiries. Some clients may require regular planning and interaction to finalize the tour itinerary and quote.

Today’s Follow Up

This section lists the enquiries with the follow-up date stated on the day of recording the enquiry. When the date is set to the current date, the executives follow up the client enquiry on that day itself. This helps executives organize the enquiries daily which is the first and foremost responsibility in building a good database of clients. Further actions that are possible from here are update, close, view edited versions and feedback.

Upcoming Follow-Up

When the date of follow up is set to a date in the future, the enquiry is listed under upcoming follow up. This can be later processed just like any other enquiry. It may sometimes require the customer that he/she may be busy at the present date. This feature helps the travel agent schedule the enquiry for a later date. It is set to coax the customers to travel at their available dates and not compelling them to take a holiday at the earliest. This can also help clients travel cheaper in case the dates are fixed for the future. The actions taken from this section is updated, close, view edited versions and feedback.

Outdated Follow-Up

Once the enquiry is updated, it moves to the outdated follow-up section. This helps the travel agent organize the enquiries that are recorded. This list of outdated follow up has the enquiries that were decided to be processed but could not be converted into leads. The list of enquiries may be discarded from time to time. The following actions are possible with this section: update, close, view edited versions and feedback.

Converted Leads

Upon successful planning, the probable clients are listed under converted leads. This action is undertaken from the itinerary builder section. Once the itinerary is saved and previewed, it is mailed to the client along with the cost details. This list helps the executive to decide upon the package and finalize the trip. The actions enabled are update and view edited versions.

Closed Enquiries

Closed enquiries may be spam or unwanted enquiries. The enquiry is closed from the latest enquiry section when a new enquiry is sent to the tour operator. Also, the close enquiry option is available with the follow-up tabs whenever an enquiry is noticed to be spam or unlikely to be converted to leads. It can be deleted completely from the list or moved to the follow-up section later.


These are just a few of the many customer-friendly features incorporated into Livetour. Tour executives can work around the features and customize it to their wish and fancy. Livetour promises better customer relationship management. It takes just a few minutes to build an itinerary whereas traditionally it took travel executives days to arrange a budget tour.








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