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Livetour help you deliver world-class service to your customers.

See all the features that make Livetour the #1 tour software solution.

Live Dashboard

Wherever you are your business is with you. Check realtime whats happening in your business and how your employees working for you.

The Agile Sales Process

Livetour designed with a unique flow of sales process.
Livetour can capture leads and distribute to your tour executives. You can monitor each enquiry how they processed and what is the current status of the same. The followup tabs are designed to understand priority based and Livetour will give you more organised list of followups with feedbacks. SMS enabled followup system will give you instant client response and more conversions.

Livetour Remember Everything

Livetour will be your brain and it will remember everything for smooth functioning of your business. Arrivals, departures, clients in tour, cut off dates, aged payments, aged receivables, payments to properties, payments to agents and more.

Security & Productivity

We understand travel business is highly sensitive and competitive. We given importance to security and productivity while developing Livetour and our clients are happy the way it gives comfort in their business.

Resource Management

Keep the resources for your business in your Livetour. Properties, Vehicles, Agents, Houseboats and other vendors with their rates by season. This will enable total control on your business. Your executives can simply work with the inventory you provided and they dont need to involve in rate contracting and pricing. Without a single question your executives can give a quote to your client.

Email Templates

A professional mail make great impression. Your client will love to read a neat and clean well designed email. Livetour sending itineraries using beautiful email templates. If you required a custom made template we can do it for you. You need multiple designs? that is also possible.

We have many more features in Livetour

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