Build The Best Itinerary With Livetour Itinerary Builder

Build The Best Itinerary With Livetour Itinerary Builder

  • Livetour Team
  • Posted on: 14 Feb 2020

The itinerary building is a herculean task for tour organizers. It takes days to get the tour in shape. When there are changes in reservations, it will be a burden for the planners and in turn, affect the sales and the image of the operators. This is where the role of booking reservation systems come into play. It makes the task easier for the executives while presenting a well-knitted tour customized to your taste and requirements. Presenting an interesting itinerary is the first step to convert enquiries to leads. This is where Livetour keeps the promise of being a record-breaking innovation for tour operators.


Livetour is a complete medley of features helping the tour organizer craft the perfect itinerary. One major feature is the itinerary builder that puts together the destination, properties, vehicles, and houseboat cruises at custom prices helping the client decide every detail regarding the tour. An itinerary can be built in two ways, one through the itinerary builder button and another through the convert to lead option available in the latest enquiry section. Either way, the itinerary is built on all important info available for personal as well as the tour.

Itinerary Builder         

The itinerary builder comes with the following features

Guest Info

This is the first tab for the details. The form displayed contains details such as personal details, arrival and departure cities and dates, follow up dates, package name, details, and agents. Upon saving the itinerary details are recorded on the page for the itinerary builder.


Important information like destination, dates, ticket details, custom price, properties, vehicles, and cruises are collected from this page. These details can be added at a custom price or with the ticket ranges provided by the executive.

Date Range

This represents the tour date. By simply selecting the dates, the destination and property details are added. Property details can be added in the form displayed while selecting the destination. All details regarding hotel reservation and room details along with package details are easily added together with the total cost. It displays the property details as saved in the database along with the pricing and room facilities and amenities. The last day itinerary specifies the details of the last day of the tour.


This option sets the profit margin as decided by the property owners and the offer prices available. This is displayed in the invoice that is finally issued to the client. It helps in calculating the total cost and giving reliable reductions and discounts for the customer as well as service providers.

Save And Preview

Finally, you are ready with the itinerary. You can save the itinerary and view it before mailing it to the client. This helps avoid any discrepancy in the itinerary. The itinerary will be complete with images of destination as well as a detailed description of the tourist attractions based on the destinations visited on each day of the tour including the total costs and hotel reservation, vehicles and cruises if any.

Send Email

Finally, on sending the mail, the enquiry is listed under today’s follow up section in the follow-up page. The follow-up page records the enquiries that are to be processed daily. There are many options available according to the date entered in guest info. If the date is set for the same date as that of the emailed itinerary, it comes under today’s follow up, if not, it may go to upcoming follow up, outdated follow-up, converted enquiries or closed enquiries based on the action taken.

Convert To Package

Converting the enquiry to a package, this feature lists the enquiry in the follow-up page. The result is the display of package details with information on the package bookings, payment information, vouchers and invoices and property and vehicle details. Bookings regarding properties can be sent to the operators through the mail while customers get the mail regarding vouchers and invoices. Package information includes package details, customer details and other details like the GST as well as payment to suppliers. This is the final step that seals the customer for a tour.

Final Words

There are many features still to be customized that make travel automation with Livetour a success. This is one feature where an itinerary can be built in a matter of moments. Every time a new customer has to be given an itinerary, building it from scratch is done with expertise and truly professional. There is an unending list of features that set Livetour apart from the rest.



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