Manage Tour Enquiries Easily With Livetour

Manage Tour Enquiries Easily With Livetour

  • Livetour Team
  • Posted on: 13 Feb 2020

When using new software like those by tour organizers, there is a tendency to promote their usefulness as well as highlight their benefits without knowing the challenges they are set to face. The problem many companies face is that the software suits only a type of work, industry or organization. Thus it is up to the company to adjust its business to use the software properly. In the case of Livetour, this is no major issue as it is developed and tailored to the needs of tour operators. This booking reservation software is the need of the hour with a major increase in the number of travelers swelling each day.

The Manage Enquiries Feature Of Livetour

This feature adds to the disciplined enquiries section of the Livetour application. It has mainly four tabs named latest enquiries, unprocessed enquiries, processed enquiries, and closed enquiries. All of these tabs help the tour operator get an idea of the client's requirements. This is the first and foremost section used at the beginning of the communication with the client about the tour details.

It all starts with the add enquiry button on the manage enquiries page with a tab called latest enquiries bringing you to a form with the details to be added like personal info, tour dates and arrival, and departure cities, number of travelers and the destination, enquiry date, and reminder. On completing the form, the enquiry is listed under the latest enquiry section.

Latest Enquiry Section

This section lists the enquiries added by the add enquiry button. The enquiry listed under this section is subject to the following actions:


Close enquiry: In case the enquiry is not genuine, the admin can close the enquiry then and there. No further operations are possible for     this enquiry.

Send quote/assign: This section is used to send the quote of the tour and also to assign the follow up to the travel executives who will be communicating the details to the traveler.

Convert to new lead: In case the enquiry proceeds to booking, the assigned executive can send the itinerary through this section and eventually convert it to the new lead.

Remarks: Adding remarks is important in case the client has requirements like dietary restrictions or any other specifications.

Unprocessed Enquiry

On assigning the enquiry to a travel executive, it moves to the unprocessed enquiry section. The enquiry then moves to the account of the executive from the admin. Once listed below unprocessed enquiry, it can take the following actions.




Delete: The whole enquiry can be deleted once there is no response or when identifying it as a spam enquiry. The whole enquiry details are erased from the database.

Enquiry details /assign: This section makes editing easy for the assigned executive. A popup with the enquiry details is displayed. The executive can be intimidated by assigning from this section also.

Remarks: As usual, this action is used to record any special remarks made by the client.

Processed Enquiry

The enquiries listed under this section are already processed using the convert to lead action available with the latest enquiry section. The convert to lead action takes the executive to the itinerary builder section. On saving the itinerary with details about the property, vehicle and houseboat cruises available, the enquiry moves to the processed enquiry section. Here the following actions await the executive.




Enquiry details: This action helps the executive to view the itinerary details and view the status of the quote, whether it is sent or not.

View itinerary: Viewing the itinerary is enabled from this selection. It redirects to the itinerary builder page to make any last-minute changes to the tour in case there are some discrepancies in the reservations.

Remark: Recording any comments from the client to be noted while planning the tour.

Closed Itinerary

Just as the name suggests, the enquiry can be closed once there is no proeeding in the communication. The enquiry is closed from the latest enquiry page but listed under the closed enquiry tab. No further action is possible regarding a closed enquiry.



Delete: The enquiry can be completely deleted to keep it from interfering with other enquiries. This makes the database lighter without unnecessary additions.

Enquiry details: This helps in just browsing through the enquiry details to not duplicate the details or to keep an account of spam enquiries.

Remarks: Helps jot down any suggestions or reminders to help the other executives take a detailed study about any matter.

A Final Word About Livetour

The enquiry management feature of Livetour is essentially the best amongst all the travel management software and hence the question of credibility does not stand a chance when it is implemented. This feature takes travel automation to its zenith, linking all necessary data to build a good itinerary in simple terms and quickly.




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