Travel Technology Companies And Online Travel Business

Travel Technology Companies And Online Travel Business

  • Livetour Team
  • Posted on: 17 Oct 2019

Travel companies are competing with each other to bring the best services to travelers. Getting the whole process of booking and reservation automated helps reduce the burden of paperwork for the company. This is why tour management systems are in high demand. A good travel company gives you a detailed itinerary and lets you have an insight into how much you will have to spend and what facilities will be provided. Livetour is not just any other software, but surely it has made a mark of its own in the travel technology industry. The software is as robust as it should be providing the best solution regarding bookings, reservations, agent management and all the aspects related to organizing a trip.

Resource Management In Livetour: A Feature Beyond Words

Livetour has a good resource management feature that helps manage agents, vehicles, hotels, houseboats and even more within minutes. It lets the travel company schedule the agents by season and rates. You get the quotes within minutes and there is no fumbling around with the contract. It is all done in a matter of seconds. The software is well approved by a wide range of travel companies.

Get A Schedule Of Properties

You can manage your properties with the seasonal rates as bulk or individually. This makes it easy for you to get the contracts with agents quickly.

Manage Vehicles With Their Pricing

Livetour enables vehicle management with its price calculation. The system gives an automatic price calculation in the itinerary builder.

Get Your Best Quote With The Agent

Agent management is an issue that every tour company faces. The company must make sure every agent is taken into consideration along with the transactions and debit and credit details.

Manage Houseboats Within A Snap

Houseboats are a vital inclusion in all the tour packages. Managing them poses a major hurdle in arranging tours. With the resource management feature, Livetour makes this as simple as a child’s play. The rates are displayed in the itinerary builder.

Livetour: A Jack Of All Trades

With Livetour, you have a strong grasp over your business with records on all aspects. Be it resource management or CRM services, there is no place for any flaw. Your business is made as professional as it can be with the best software solution. With prompt customer service, Livetour is the answer to all your business needs keeping a record of whatever customer queries come your way.


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