Automate Your Travel Business With Live Tour

Automate Your Travel Business With Live Tour

  • Livetour Team
  • Posted on: 21 Jun 2016

The success of a travel business depends upon the information about arrivals, departures, guests, reservation, billing, etc. Your staff must have real-time information about every entry. Live Tour makes it possible for your staff to stay updated with every entry in a real-time manner. It also helps your finance team to manage accounts, including staff salary. So, Live Tour is not just an online Travel Business Automation tool, but a software that has the capability to manage your complete office.


Let us have a look at the top features of Live Tour – A must have automation tool for every travel business


Intuitive Dashboard :

Designed to offer you a simple and self-explaining system, the dashboard of Live Tour brings you real-time updates about every activity. Your staff can anytime check the dashboard from anywhere, as it is a web based automation tool. Not only this, it helps you to check what’s going on in your business and how your employees are performing.


Agile Sales Process :

Live Tour has been designed using the Agile process, which makes everything streamlined, organized, and real-time. It captures leads and also distributes them to your sales executives while providing you a complete control to view and analyze the process.


Followups :

A specific follow up feature enables your staff to have an organized list of followups bases on the priority. Moreover, SMS enabled followup feature is also there using which staying connected with the clients and responding to their messages has become faster.


Easy Enquiry management and lead capture :

Live Tour makes it possible for you to deal with enquiries and capture leads in an easy manner. You can distribute the captured leads to your executives, which your executives can process with itineraries, which we have designed beautifully. Moreover, when your executive will send an itinerary, your client will get an alert. It takes just 20 seconds to deliver an itinerary.


Quick vouchers and invoice generation :

Once your client has accepted your quote, Live Tour prompts you to enter the payment details, and then it will automatically generate vouchers and invoices. You can directly send these vouchers and invoices to your clients from within Live Tour. There is no need to use any other system for this task.


It remembers everything :

With so many records and information to manage, it becomes difficult to keep you updated. Live Tour has resolved this issue because its memory is sharp. It remembers everything for you, such as arrivals, departure, aged payments, payments to agents, and a lot more. You need not to write anything on paper or put pressure on your brain to remember these details; let Live Tour do the task.


Security :

Live Tour has built-in security to provide you a safe solution. You can assign an administrator or user with login rights. Login alerts are automatically sent to the administrator or the user who has admin rights. In case, someone else has accessed the system through any mean, you can immediately terminate the access by using the information provided in the email itself. Moreover, it records everything.


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