An Overview Of Features In Livetour

An Overview Of Features In Livetour

  • Livetour Team
  • Posted on: 30 Jun 2016

LiveTour is an intelligent and smart travel business management software, which gives you the freedom from hectic schedules. With LiveTour, your travel business will be organised, smarter and faster. It becomes your memory, It will remember everything related to your business. Memory dashboard will show following things in realtime. 

Arrivals, departure, guests in the Tour, aged receivables, payables, agents payments, property payments, driver allocations, reservation verification, automatic invoice generation, and much more informations. 

Without LiveTour, you may have to create separate office files for every entry, resulting delays and difficulty in management. But, this will not happen anymore, because LiveTour updating records in realtime and you can access your business data wherever you are also watch your employees’ performance.


Key features in LiveTour – Your Complete Travel Business Management Solution

  • Reduce paperwork by 75% or more by implementing LiveTour in your company.
  • Real-time updates for every case entry.
  • Clean and systematically designed dashboard.
  • Saves your time that could have been wasted in writing emails, trip plans, etc and sending to clients. The automated Itinerary Builder do this task for you. Select a pre-defined, beautiful template and send beautiful trip plans to your customers.
  • Easy lead management system allows you to collect leads from your website, or upload enquires in bulk, and then assign them to your executives with ease.
  • Auto sales follow up system makes it easier for you to follow up with the clients. The unique SMS alert system keeps your clients updated.
  • Automated Voucher and Invoice generation system saves considerable amount of time without any clerical mistakes.
  • Easy management of driver allocation and reservations with multilevel verification system.
  • The clever price management system provides the capability to manage property rates in bulk using its multi-season selector.
  • One stop solution to manage resources and keep the system updated every time. Bulk updates of hotel rates also possible.
  • Livetour generating N number of reports from a single case entry and it will make you staying updated with beautifully designed reports and graphs that can be generated anytime.
  • Livetour offers multi branch versions for companies with multiple branches in different locations and allows centralised operating system.


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